Vital Insights

This two-day plus follow up training programme focuses on the individual. It includes working with our biology to understand our intrinsic motivators and adapt to be more personally effective, insightful and congruent. The programme also offers tools and techniques to live our most impactful and healthy lives sustainably.

Vital Interactions

In this two-day plus follow up foundational coaching skills training programme, participants work with personal insight, and learn to enhance insight in others. You will leave this programme with the understanding of when to coach, and with the tools and skills to use a coaching approach in your role(s).  This programme will support you to engage, develop and motivate others to achieve sustainable outcomes in any conversation or interaction.

100% Pure Vital Coaching

In this comprehensive coach training programme, participants will develop deep coaching skills aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies.  You will become fully skilled in coaching interactions, coaching sessions, running a full coaching series and understanding implications of coaching engagements within a wider system.


Coaching & Consulting

Vital Integration

This consulting framework is all about embedding any initiatives. It includes participants’ and organisational integration of learning, and culture change. The key to any successful initiative is knowledge, skill and most importantly integration in day-to-day life. This consultancy focuses on sustainability of outcomes, alignment with business strategy and congruence with systems, processes and initiatives – substantially increasing the return on your learning spend.

Vital Coaching

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