Vital Insights

About this Workshop

This one-day plus follow up training programme focuses on the individual. It includes working with our biology to understand our intrinsic motivators and adapt to be more personally effective, insightful and congruent. The programme also offers tools and techniques to live our most impactful and healthy lives sustainably.

This is a new, science-based yet highly practical programme developed in response to our client needs. It is based on sound research, which will support you to achieve more sustainable and effective outcomes for yourself and so for others and your organisation.

Vital Futures uses a combination of neuroscience, positive psychology and systems thinking in its approach.

We use a self-directed, experiential adult-learning (coaching) approach, which supports accountability and ownership. We use the principles of the 70:20:10 learning and development model, placing a strong emphasis on working with the organisation over time, not just in the training room. We are focused on immediate application, and embedding and integrating learning for results which last.


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes can be aligned more specifically to your organisation’s strategic objectives for in-house programmes.

By the end of this programme you will:

  • have greater self awareness through an understanding of what makes us tick physiologically
  • know how to rewire your brain for more effective outcomes
  • have the tools to manage your emotions and maintain optimal performance


Topics include

  • what makes us tick physiologicially
  • understanding our own behaviours, how we show up and how to be congruent
  • a process to uncovering purpose, drivers, values, strengths and biases
  • the science of setting and goals
  • understanding and maintaining peak performance
  • emotional awareness and emotional regulation
  • building our mindfulness muscle


Learning methods include theory, experience, reflection, feedback, discussion and action planning


Programme Inclusions

  • A training team of two Vital Futures facilitators
  • One day face-to-face training
  • One-day of delivery in person, one podcast and one-hour group discussion/Q&A telecall session with the facilitator


Programme Materials

  • Participant learning aids
  • A programme mentor


Interested in learning more?

We run this programme in-house for organisations as requested. Please complete the form on this page here and one of our consultants will contact you.